Allah-Las - No Werewolf

Have the pleasure of seeing these in Sheffield tomorrow evening.

A grease laden, slicked back, smokey joe of an instrumental. Based on the frantics - werewolf. Not a world away from the original. It’s asif the song went on a vacation and came back sun-kissed in the California heat.Tune into this.

The All Night Workers - Why Don’t You Smile

Pre-Velvet Underground, a young Lou Reed and John Cale penned this track together. Drenched in reverb, the track chugs along like a motor boat. It has some brilliant melodies on both verse and chorus, and is signed off with classic Reed simplicity. Just wonder why they ever discarded this one?

Spiritualized also do a great version of this.

The Phantom - Love Me

The equivalent of falling down a hill, getting dragged through the fucking bushes and beaten with a stick. Elvis on speed.

Johnny Thunder - I’m Alive

That rattlesnake tambourine, that fizzy guitar. Johnny Thunder tears through this track, howling and hollering all the way to the finish line…

The flipside to this 45 is 'Verbal Expressions on T.V.' A bizarre selection of abstract lyrics, perched on top of the most wonderful sounding descending backing track from the sandpebbles.

Another couple of his songs to look out for are:

Power to the People/ Love Trip/ Groovy Two Shoes/ Make Love to Me/ Put it in Motion

Arf, Arf, he goes, a merry sight
Our little hairy friend
Arf, Arf, upon the lampost bright
Arfing round the bend.
Nice dog! Goo boy,
Waggie tail and beg,
Clever Nigel, jump for joy
Because we are putting you to sleep at three of the clock, Nigel.